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Proudly Serving Summit, Medina, Stark, Portage & Wayne Counties


I am writing today to let you know how much I appreciated doing business with your company. I usually get a number of opinions and prices before I begin any project. However, after meeting with you, I felt comfortable not getting any quotes. Your sales presentation and explanation/recommendation of what I needed for my home was very upfront and easy to understand. From this point to final install, I was very pleased with the service I received. You said that you’d send me one of your most experienced installers, and it was obvious that you did just that. He was great—a very pleasant gentleman. His workmanship and attitude were above and beyond.
Please extend my gratitude to your entire staff. It is refreshing to deal with people of such caliber and work ethic.

We just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our new furnace and central air, and to let you know how much we appreciated your service. When you came to our house to give us an estimate, you were so professional and took your time explaining everything to us. The fact that you came to the house in the evening to accommodate our schedule did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. We made our decision to go with A to Zoff due to the courteousness and knowledge; we were not let down. We would like to commend you and your company. Thanks for everything; we will not only recommend your company, but you personally. Thank you.

I first should apologize that you tried to call me and were unable to get a hold of me. I want to let you know that your service technician who came to my home was very courteous and is a true professional and I must commend your company on how well you provided service to your customers. It is truly rare anymore when attempting to contact and set up for work —of any kind, whether car or home—to be done, and it is wonderful when you are able to receive such willingness to take care of a customer.
When I placed my call, the weather was so hot, so I figured it would be several days to a week before someone would be able to come to my home. The person on the phone took the information and got back with me right away just to let me know when they could have someone out. The very next day, your technician was out and, due to my error, he had to wait for me to have someone meet him there; I had to apologize to him. He called and informed me what I would need for the air conditioner, how long it would take for the part to come in and the cost of the part. He was able to install the part the next day.
I am pleased with your company and would recommend them to anyone anytime. I also like the fact that you require an adult to be at home.

A to Zoff replaced the air conditioner—a complicated job, as part of unit is in attic with difficult access.
The work was estimated quickly; the installation carried out promptly and professionally. The same company replaced a steam boiler a few years ago and does all our boiler and air conditioning maintenance. We have complete confidence in A to Zoff. Highly recommended.

A to Zoff performed two separate functions in our home (December 2007/January 2008). First, they corrected our fireplace system. Our fireplace is hooked up to the boiler (we use hot water heating in our home). We have searched forever to find someone to work on it, and no one would touch it. They were always professional and did a superb job. The workers were young men that showed the utmost respect for our property at all times. We had them come back many times for adjustments with no problem. The price was around $4,400. It was an expensive fix so that we could use our fireplace to heat our home in the winter. The second job we had them do was to install air conditioning in our tri-level home. They also performed excellently. We do not have ductwork in our home, which made this job a little more costly and difficult with limited attic space, but they managed to do it. Although we have yet to use the air conditioning, I feel they are a reputable company with a long history of quality customer service.
We are pleased with their professionalism and customer service. They came back many times to adjust the output for our fireplace system. And, of course, we had many questions as we were using the system. It’s the type of job that has no manuals for since our home was custom built by the previous owner in the '70s. The air conditioning took them about two weeks to install, and they were ready to explain everything they were doing. The young men that came to install were nice and very respectful at all times. I could’t have ask for a better attitude from someone I hired. When we turn on the air conditioning for the first time, they are ready to come out here and show us all the ins and outs of it. I wish all companies were this easy to work with.

A to Zoff installed new a 92% efficiency Payne (Carrier) gas furnace and a central air conditioner, moved the furnace location into the basement from the first floor and modified ductwork, gas line and wiring accordingly. They added condensate drain and side furnace vent. It was an excellent overall experience, and I was very pleased. The work crew was very pleasant and professional both in demeanor and in job knowledge and execution. All questions I had were answered well and answered in layman’s terms. They came over to give me an estimate about two days after I first called them and started work a week after that. Work was expected to be done within three days, and it took two. The amount I was quoted and I paid, $4,286, was less than I was expecting. The only unsettling thing was we were given a bill with a 10% surcharge, as they thought we were paying a day late. Once we went over the schedule they quickly discovered they were wrong, and we paid the originally agreed upon quote. Both the furnace and air conditioner work beautifully and are whisper quiet. 

Our furnace is installed in a closet which made the work more difficult than most installations. All of the ductwork in the closet had to be redone to accommodate the new furnace. The sheet metal work was top notch. We also had to have a condensate pump installed for our new condensing furnace, which required running a new drain line above an existing ceiling. The company removed the existing flue through the roof and installed new PVC piping and vent termination. The company did not try to sell us items that we did not need; it answered all our questions and recommended the most reliable and economic system available. Overall, I was very happy with the price, considering the amount of work that was required, and I would recommend this company. We have had the new furnace and air conditioning for two weeks now, and the equipment works great in both heating and cooling mode. The furnace is much quieter than our previous furnace.

I want to thank you very much for promptly getting someone out to repair my furnace. When I woke up, it was 63 degrees. Today I had to bring my disabled cousin back here from rehab due to a knee operation. I did not want to being her to a cold house, she was being released so I had to get it fixed. You came thru, and I thank you again. Ryan was really nice and personable. He is an asset to your company. I rate him A+! Sincerely, Carole

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